Profit by copying the success of professional traders

At Zeyfex, you have the opportunity to automatically copy the best traders, saving hours of building your own trading strategy. You can choose from the best and diversify your trading portfolio.

Follow the Copy Trade

Create your account and make a deposit

Through a simple step you register and make a deposit using the payment method of your choice. If you already have funds in your Zeyfex trading account, you can add money to your wallet via internal transfer. The portfolio balance shows uninvested funds.

Profit by copying the trades of professional traders

At Zeyfex, you have the opportunity to automatically copy the best traders, saving you losses and hours trying to build your own trading strategy. You can choose among the best traders and diversify by building a trading portfolio. Operations are copied automatically, you only need to define input values, gain target and Stop Loss. Ideally, copy different traders and their strategies to define the one that works best for you.

Automatic profit

You have complete control over the process and can also modify or stop the copy of trading at any time. You can also view trading statistics in detail for master traders copied to your copier area.

Highly profitable merchants to follow

No need to be a Forex expert

Diversified portfolio with stable income

This new tool helps traders to earn a steady additional income, copying more experienced traders.

Learn from those who know

With easy entry into the Forex market for beginners.

Diversified portfolio

Choose master operators to follow from a wide range of professionals.

Always keep everything under control

You can stop copying, cancel your subscription or close a deal anytime you want.

Fast order execution

Your order is executed in less than 5 minutes from the original.

Quick setup steps

No additional verification required.

Withdraw funds and invest quickly and safely

Several popular payment methods to choose from.

All the benefits of copy trading right from your mobile device!

  • Better investment experience with the Zeyfex application
  • Controlled portfolio and investments from wherever you are
  • Main operators to monitor live performance, for smart investments
  • See how the funds are being invested, the risk, all in real time

Common questions

How to choose a trader to copy?

You will have access to a portfolio with trader statistics being displayed, including earnings, number of copiers, commission, trading pairs used by the trader, profit factor and order instructions, as well as several other factors that can be analyzed before deciding copy someone.

How does the copy work with respect to volume and leverage differences?

Zeyfex makes it easy for you to choose the proportion and leverage replicated in your account, obeying the volume of your investment proportionately, intelligently.

Does Zeyfex charge any commission for copying master traders?

No additional commission is charged by Zeyfex. The only commission paid is that of the trader, specified individually and charged in $ per lot of volume traded.

Can I stop copying the trader whenever I want?

The trader's signature to stop copying trades can be done at any time. When you cancel the subscription, the funds that were invested in the master and any profit made with the copy are returned to your portfolio.

Before canceling your subscription, make sure that all current trades are closed.