Terms and conditions of Bonus

1. 100% Bonus is automatically credited to customer's account upon a request in support@zeyfex.com.

2. You can get several bonuses: one bonus per each deposit. The amount of each obtained bonus is added to the existing one. The required lot volume is traded separately for each bonus.

3. You can activate the bonus within 30 days from your deposit. After this period the bonuses that you have not activated expire and disappear from the dashboard.

4. GOLD and BLACK accounts are not eligible to participate in the promotion.

5. Bonus can be withdrawn from an account after the required lot volume has been traded. Keep in mind that when you trade Stocks (available only in MetaTrader5), 1 lot= 0.1 standard lot. Consider it when you fulfill the bonus conditions. The required lot volume is calculated according to the formula: bonus amount divided by 2 (1 lot on a Cent account = 0.01 standard lot).

Your deposit: $500
100% bonus: $500
500/2 = 250 lots

6. If the current balance is less than the initial deposit you cannot get Bonus 100% on deposit. Example: You deposit $100. You start trading and lose $2. Your current balance is $98 which is less than the initial deposit. You cannot get the Bonus 100% on deposit.

7. In the event, that your account balance or Equity (excluding the bonus funds) fall below 30% of the bonus amount, the bonus will be canceled.

Your bonus funds = $1000
Your equity = $1200
1200-1000 = 200 (less than 30% of the bonus funds) => The bonus is cancelled

8. When the required lot volume is traded, a customer can apply for bonus funds withdrawal in his Personal Area.

9. The maximum bonus amount is $10,000

10. The maximum leverage on bonus account is 1: 500.

11. Upon suspecting the fraudulent activity on the bonus account, the Company reserves the right to cancel the bonus.

12. The Company reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the promotion without prior notification.

13. The company is not liable for technical disruptions and/or breaks in the internet connection on the side of the client and third-party services, that can directly or indirectly have an affect on the client’s participation in the promotion.